Notice about CN-HK NAT network services.

Hello, due to the problem of the communication company in Mainland China, the FPN service from Mainland China to Hong Kong is temporarily unavailable. We are currently waiting for notification from the communications company. When the service resumes, we will issue an announcement as soon as possible.

7th Sept 2020
CN-KR NAT & KT service maintenance announcement

Dear user,

Due to equipment upgrades, our CN-KR NAT service and KT services will be temporarily interrupted for 5 minutes.

Maintenance time: 2020.02.21 2AM KST


20th Feb 2020
CN-KR NAT service price adjustment

중국 본토의 서비스 제공 업체 변경으로 인해 CN-KR 서비스 가격은 1 월 1 일 이후 30 % 상승 할 것입니다.

예. CN-KR NAT 스타트 업 12.99USD-> 16.99USD

구매 한 서비스의 갱신 가격은 변경되지 않습니다.



25th Dec 2019
CN-KR NAT service maintenance announcement

CN-KR NAT service will be maintained on December 25th at 5:00AM, Korea time. After this maintenance, the recent network instability problem of the NAT server will be resolved, and the  latency will be reduced.

24th Dec 2019
Dedicated Line Construction Notice

Due to the construction upgrade of the physical dedicated optical fiber cable. At 00:00 on November 30, 2019, FPN CN-KR service will be affected.  According to the notice from the ISP, the construction will cause the line to be interrupted for up to 30 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this period. Thank you for using ... 자세히보기 »

28th Nov 2019
스위치 OS Upgrade 작업 공지

안녕하세요 VPCKR 입니다.ㅇ 작업 내용 : 스위치 OS Upgradeㅇ 작업 일시 : 2019.10.07(월) 01:00 ~ 04:00ㅇ 작업 영향 : 작업시간 내 1초 이내의 서비스 순단 2회 발생서비스 이용에 참고하시기 바라며, 안정적인 서비스 제공을 위하여 최선을 다하겠습니다감사합니다 자세히보기 »

5th Oct 2019
[solved]SK partial server temporary failure notification


The fault has been solved. Thank you for your patience.

19th Sept 2019
SK partial server temporary failure notification

SK part server temporary failure, the engineer is checking and should be restored soon. Notification will be notified again after the fault is cleared

19th Sept 2019
신용카드 결제 지원


2018.08.16분터 모듬 VPCKR 서비스는 신용카드로 결제 가능합니다.


26th Aug 2018